Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Thought-Provoking Poetry-By omar


" If Madrasahs of those drunks
Became the educational institutes
Of teaching philosophy of
Epicures, Plato and Aristotle;

If Abode and Mazars of Peer and Drabesh
Is turned into research institutes,

If men instead of following blind faith of religion
Should have cultivated ethics,

If the abode of worships were turned into
Centers of learning of all academic activities,

If instead of studying religion, men
Would have devoted to develop mathematics - algebra,

If logic of science would have occupied the place of
Sufism, faith and superstition,

Religion that divides human beings
Would have replaced by humanism, ....

Then world would have turned into haven,
The world on other side then would have extinguished,
The world would then become full of

And there is no doubt about it."

Omar composed this poem long long time back, but it appears the environment that existed in his time is still prevailing in Bangladesh. I wish he revisit Bangladesh, we need him desperately- " Oh ! Omar, Come to Bangladesh, a land of superstition, blind faith and fotowabaz at least once, we need you much". 
BY Omar
With courtesy -Mukto Mona-Oct-Issue-08.
Bipin Shroff