Saturday, May 6, 2017

Concept of fraternity as defined in our constitution.

Concept of fraternity as defined in our constitution.

Speaker- Prof. Gahnshayam Shah. ( Sociologist).

These are human values so they are complementary of each other. They cannot exist in the absence of other. Freedom as the value has no utility in the absence of equality and vice versa. But freedom and equality are personal or individual values where as the fraternity has its social value. The concept fraternity as the social value gives the message that all men are born equal. So it is the duty of the modern state to take care of its citizen who has been marginalized in the process of development because of many historical reasons. This is the moral commitment of the modern state. It cannot escape from this responsibility.

 The development modern society is also the result of the wider application of the value of fraternity. It has its binding value in the society. There is no human value of any society where it has political democracy but no social democracy at large. The wide spread social injustice in the society will create conditions for political injustice. It will lead to chaos and lawlessness in the society.

 Second speaker- Chandu Mheriya ( Editor Dalit Adhikar)

  The concept fraternity does not mean communal harmony among different religious community in the society. Our society has been divided on the basis of Varna and caste hierarchy from ages to gather.  The member of one caste considers other caste member as socially higher or lower strata and keeps his social relation accordingly. This age old social inequality keeps all forces of modernity and urbanisms total away from its day to day social intercourse among themselves.  We can implement laws related to the application of freedom and equality. But it is not easy to implement fraternity value legally because it is dependent on more social and group behavior of the people.     

 From the Chair- DR. N.K Indrayan   (EX- law director Saurashtra University.)

I have full confidence that forces of modernism and spread of education will bring the rational society in our country. Fraternity as the concept is our constitutional ideal.   But our present day power seekers politicians exploit the traditional and parochial identity of the people. They play the game of identity politics for getting political power.  It brings political polarization of Indian society which is converted into social and economic polarization.  Our people remain as the caste and creed ridden people than become the civilians. We have in India Hindus, Muslims and Christians, Jains, Shikhs etc but no citizen.