Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Thoughts of DR. Sarup Dhruv.

From the Chair (Dr Sarup Dhruv Social activist)

The word materialism is not accepted by our traditional society normally. It considers it as something against the Hindu way of life particularity against spirituality. There are many social forces which want some compromise and co-ordination between religion and science. They do not accept that the role of scientific method is to reveal truth from the established religious beliefs. It is easy to understand the Hindu society. The society which opposes rationalism, materialism and modernism is definitely the Hindu society. This traditional Hindu legacy comes in the way of developing scientific approach and materialist way of life for the individual in particular and society in general. The present national polity is governed by these reactionary forces. They are at helm of affairs in the country.  We have to start an organized movement in favour of materialism and scientific way of life to combat rampant religious and anti-human forces in the country. .