Friday, May 5, 2017

Militant Nationalism of Donald Trump and its global trends.

Militant Nationalism of Donald Trump and its global trends.

Speaker  Prof Svati Joshi, (Delhi University.)

 I observe that rightist nationalist forces come to political power in one after another country in the world. I read all their political power march with shivering hands. Is it true that we have forgotten the lessons of the two world wars of the 20th century?

 Let us understand how these nationalist forces rule their people in their own country. These militant rulers have no faith in rule of law, constitutional discipline and democratic governess. They consider all of them as obstacles in their rule. These people have no respect for the modern institutions which have been evolved since last many centuries.

These rightists' nationalists' forces are the product of religious militancy. They have been nurtures on people's populist's slogans and propaganda. They give tall promises to people to come to power which are never going to be fulfilled. They convince people that are responsible for their all ills like unemployment and other social problems. They target some minority communities from their own states as people's enemy. Adolf Hitler found Jews as German's people enemy. RSS and BJP found all religious minorities, and some political forces (communists) and rationalists as people's enemy. Donald Trump found Mexican, some immigrants, and imported goods of some countries as people's enemy. In Europe, particularly in countries like Britain, France and Germany, they saw immigrants and religious terrorists as people's enemy. Immigrants from European common union member countries disturb their economic conditions and sources of employment. They divide people in US and OTHER.

These political forces get power as the hate mongers. They can spread any sort of wrongs  to cheat people. They want power by all means. Truth is the first and foremost casualty in their grand design to capture power. They have common interests with consumerism, capitalism and religious rights. They will commercialize culture and education for their pretty interest. It is not possible for intellectuals of the nation to stop the march of such militant nationalist forces. These sections of the people feel themselves powerless and isolated. People like creative artists, the man of science, literature have no place in their social order. These state rulers want their people to behave like identical units of factory productions without any brain to think. They destroy all forms oppositions by all means. It is very difficult to combat such a powerful concentrated political and militarily immoral might in a short time.

 Second speaker-  Prakash Shah (Well known Journalist and editor of fortnightly NIRIKHAK.)

Let us remember slogans gave by D Trump at the time of his election campaign.   "Buy only American Goods, America First, and No place for Muslims, Mexicans and immigrants in America."  I am against Globalization for America as the nation.

I see no difference between thoughts of D Trump and M.S. Golwalkar and V.D.Savrkar. These two founders of Rashtriya  Swaymsevak  Sangh (RSS) developed the concept of the nation from the western nations. M.S. Golwalkar wrote in his book "Bunch of Thoughts" very precisely that non- Hindus should have no place in India after independence. He put all non- Hindus like Muslims, Christians and communists in this category. He considered them as the internal threat of security to the nation. He considered these people as the more dangerous as the external aggressor from outside. He challenged the very patriotic values of these groups. He considered the concept of democracy as the myth. He advocated the Indian state (Hindu State) on the basis of Hindu religion. He was deadly against the very concept of individual freedom which is the basic value of any democratic political, social and economic order. His book    "We or our nationhood defined "as the Bible of RSS. He explained what the role of Militant Hinduism in Indian Politics is. In this book, Golwalkar endorses the Nazi campaign targeting Jews,

We, as the enlighten citizen of the country know very well the emerging trends of Hindu militancy in the name love jihad, beef, cow protection in the name Gau-Rakha etc after the BJP came to power in the centre and other federal states since 2014. These are very bad omen for the basic framework of democracy.

From the chair Prof Rohit Shukla (Editor Dharstti)

 It is very easy for the people of Gujarat to understand views of American President Donald trump. We ruled by same militant nationalist forces of BJP and its allied since last more than 25 years in the state of Gujarat. I am sincerely disturbed very much by the remark made by D. Trump on women.            As the student of economics I know that present international trends of "My nation first" will lead to two things namely use of scarce national resources for military war preparation and investment in those industries which will create jobless growth. These nationalist leaders have no commitment for their own marginalize people of their nations.

This nationalist economics will create isolated islands of wealth and income in their own countries. It will not serve very purpose for which these forces have captured political power. In short, concentration of economic power in the hands of few will enhanced concentration of political power in the hands of same coterie. It is a social sign of not sane society but a sign of sick society. This will empower all types of anti-globalization forces in the world.

To my mind the best way to challenge militant religious based nationalism is to spread humanist values and spirit of scientific inquires in the society.